What is Quizzy Teatro

What is Quizzy Teatro
Quizzy Teatro is a sole proprietorship and a theater production and organization agency.

This new reality inherits and increases  the activity of Monica Massone , actress and theater organizer from Alessandria, founder in 2011 of the “ 39 Stelle Teatro ” association, with whom she produced, created and organized many shows and workshops.
After a few years of work in the Piedmont area and beyond, Monica Massone has increased her experience and today she is ready to start a new professional and artistic adventure, as the creator of Quizzy Teatro .
Quizzy was born as a bet, partly already won: the demonstration that it is possible to work and establish yourself professionally in one’s own territory and, from this, to expand one’s range of action, exploiting the geographical and cultural transversality of the theater.

The activity of Quizzy Teatro consists in the creation of shows, with a social theme and therefore deeply linked to current events, of prose theater (both classical, research and new dramaturgy), theater for children, theater – children, theater – school, storytelling theater, show studios, mise en éspace, structured and canvas improvisations, performances and animated readings.
Quizzy combines this distinctly theatrical practice with a vast laboratory activity with a strong educational and pedagogical value. All the proposed workshops focus on the free expression of the self and on the emergence of one’s own imagination, with diversified approaches but equally aimed at bringing out the inner world of the participant. These experimental spaces are capable of communicating to children, adolescents and adults.
There is also a series of workshops designed specifically for female participants, with the aim of investigating and making the female world speak.

The artistic soul of Quizzy, consisting of the theatrical offer just described, is flanked by a more service structure: as a production and organization agency, Quizzy deals with the management of theaters and showrooms, ticketing services and entertainment.

Why ‘Quizzy’
The name derives from Mike Buongiorno’s early 90s intuition: the remote control that allowed the audience to “interact” with the TV. It was used in some quizzes of the famous presenter to allow spectators to play from home, but the lack of transparency of the game soon ended up setting the innovative system down.
After more than twenty years “Quizzy” can be read as an enlightened anticipation of the interactivity that today, through social media, moves the whole of society.
This capacity for exchange and sharing is also required of the theater.
” To quiz ” in English means “to question”, “to ask someone a question”.
Here, then, that “Quizzy Teatro” by addressing social problems of particular urgency, reinterprets them and returns them to the spectator, questioning him, and becoming the voice and body of the audience, called to action.

“Quizzy” wants to bring the viewer to the stage.
“Quizzy” wants to speak to the audience through the spectator’s own voice.
This type of proposal starts from the need for participation that is felt in the viewer and at the same time reflects the individuality and artistic research of Monica Massone.
Quizzy’s goal is to collect the instances of “ordinary” people to transform them into something visually and emotionally meaningful. By synthesizing the needs, opinions, desires expressed by the citizen / spectator, Quizzy generates a question and at the same time becomes the medium for the formulation of the answer. This process can begin in a spontaneous context, in everyday life, or in a workshop space. Such an approach can work very well with adults, but not only. In fact, even children have a lot to say and Monica Massone’s experience in the world of school confirms this. The school is the place par excellence dedicated to providing answers and, even before that, to collect requests of an educational and social nature.

The logo
The logo chosen is a rune that is a letter of the sign alphabet used by the ancient Germanic populations. In particular it is the Dagaz rune which means: “day”, “completion”. It is the rune of awakening, of the light of dawn after the darkness of the night. It is compared to the butterfly that transforms itself when it comes out of the cocoon and, free, hovers in the sky and in the light. It represents the strength and determination to carry out projects and to conclude them successfully.
The choice of this ancient sign underlines the will of Quizzy Teatro to work with positivity always looking ahead, but with special attention to traditions and popular culture, elements that make up the identity of a people.


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